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In the lead photograph of the vehicle, we can see that the front section of the car is fairly long and and tall (to capacitate for a front-mounted engine). To add to this, such tyre smoke would not be produced by an RMR drivetrain vehicle.

The key factor that can be used to prove that this vehicle features an FR drivetrain is the fact that the rear wheels are being given torque and are spinning at a much faster rate than the front wheels. This proves;

  1. The rear end is light and not much weight is placed above the rear axle, meaning that excess torque delivered to the rear causes loss of grip.
  2. The weight distribution is such that the front remains heavier than the rear.
  3. Torque is not being delivered to the front axle and therefore the front wheels are unable to counteract the effects of torque on the rear axle.

I have nothing against you, Dragoscorca, but your information is not factual or precise. JBanton (talk) 17:16, January 7, 2013 (UTC)


Well , I created this page and i wrote down the most plaussible posibilty for that drivedrain , but we shall wait for the release.  Alright, I guess we're cool for now. :)

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