Identity of Gang

Is it possible Wonsu Nodong is the korean gang in gta 4? -Gtafan310

Well, I think like this :
1. Wonsu Nodong is Korean words(read Chinese with Korean).
2. Their appearance are like Asian, work for Midtown Gangsters and Algonquin Triads.
3. So, some of them is maybe korean gang(Midtown Gangsters) in GTA IV, but not all. It's assumed that korean gang in GTA IV is probably made with North and South Korean peoples, Kim Young-Guk is just one of them, not leader.
4. Conclusion=Not same, but part of them. Mr.Korean 02:40, December 31, 2010 (UTC)
Yeah, the Wonsu Nodong are a subsect operating within the Midtown Gangsters, but are not the same gang. The ones in GTA IV are just the regular Korean Mob.
-LyHungViet 1:34, December 31, 2010