This page lists the tallest buildings in the 3D Universe. For the tallest buildings in the HD Universe see Tallest Buildings in HD Universe.

List of the tallest buildings in Liberty City

Rank Name Height Location Stories Notes
1. Jefferson Street Credit Union Building 437.6 m (1 433.7 ft) Staunton Island 52 Also second highest in the entire 3D Universe. Not finished in GTA LCS.
2. Empire State Building (unnamed) 391 m ( 1 282.8 ft) Staunton Island 67 Tallest building in GTA LCS.
3. FBC Bank Building 274 m (899 ft) Staunton Island N/A Owned by FBC Financial Group
4. Love Media Building 219 m (718.5 ft) Staunton Island 27 Donald Love's penthouse is on top and headquarters of Love Media.
5. 366 216 m (708.6 ft) Staunton Island 58
6. Torrington Tower (unnamed) 206.5 m (677.5 ft) Staunton Island 52 Visible, but not enterable lobby
7. Morningstar Building 191.5 m (628.2 ft) Staunton Island 71 Owned by Morningstar Industries
8. The Jefferson U Building 191 m (626.6 ft) Staunton Island 32 Adjacent to the main Love Media building.
9. Hope Medical College 174 m ( 570.8 ft) Shoreside Vale 12
10. Portland Big Brown 173 m (567.5 ft) Portland 17
11. Lips 106 Headquarters 161 m (528.2 ft) Staunton Island 38 Owned by Lips 106
12. Arched Building 153.5 m (503.6 ft) Staunton Island N/A Near Liberty City Art Gallery
13. AMCo. Headquarters 147 m (482.3 ft) Staunton Island 42 Owned by AMCo. Petroleum Company

List of the tallest buildings in the State of San Andreas

Rank Name Height Location Stories Notes
0. Missionary Hill Radio Tower 336 m (1,102 ft) San Fierro N/A Tallest man-made structure in the State of San Andreas.
1. Los Santos Tower 317 m (1,040 ft) Los Santos 73 Tallest building in Los Santos and the state.
2. San Fierro Tower 298 m (977,6 ft) San Fierro 52 Tallest building in San Fierro, counting the concrete mast on top.
3. Big Pointy Building 276 m (905,5 ft) San Fierro 48 Second tallest building in San Fierro. Based on Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco which in real life is the tallest building in S.F.
4. Corner Tower 229 m (750 ft) Los Santos 54 Los Santos' second tallest building. Based on Two California Plaza in Los Angeles.
5. Midland Building 228 m (749 ft) Los Santos 52 Midland petroleum company building. Based on Gas Company Tower in Los Angeles.
6. Unnamed skyscraper * m (* ft) Los Santos N/A
7. Unnamed skyscraper * m (* ft) Los Santos N/A
8. Unnamed skyscraper * m (* ft) Los Santos N/A
9. The Emerald Isle 154,8 m (507,8 ft) Las Venturas N/A Tallest building in Las Venturas.
10. Monolith Building * m (* ft) San Fierro N/A Third tallest in San Fierro if antenna mast is included in total height.


  • Though not considered a building, the tallest structure in the State of San Andreas is the Missionary Hill Radio Tower which sits high atop Missionary Hill in San Fierro. The tower's height climbs to 336m (1,102 ft) and if the hill was taken into account, it would probably reach a height of around 1,500 ft.
  • If the height of the Redwood Cigarettes Building in Vice City is counted with its antenna, it would be the tallest building in the 3D Universe, measuring 1,830 ft.