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The Tank is a military tank and one of the earliest armed vehicles. It has featured in Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto Advance.


Grand Theft Auto 1

In its first appearance, in Grand Theft Auto 1, the Tank takes the form of a generic battle tank based on a Centurion, having a circular tank turret that can devastate anything in its path, as well as the ability to crush or destroy other vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto 2

The Tank in Grand Theft Auto 2 is now much larger and wider, with an original design to match the game's settings. As with the GTA 1 version, it equips a tank turret and has the ability to crush or destroy other vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto Advance

The Tank returns in Grand Theft Auto Advance with a more conventional design, but having an original concept and a tank turret mover more to the rear, in contrast with the other renditions. Its paint scheme consists on a bright military green.

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Grand Theft Auto 1

As expected, Tanks tend to be slow and lumbering due to their excessive size, but the vehicle is regarded as special in the games due to its extraordinary strength and durability, its ability to run over smaller vehicles (inflicting large amounts of damage and typically resulting in them exploding), as well as possessing a turret capable of firing explosive rounds in any direction; the turret, however, has limited shots when the player uses it in Grand Theft Auto 1.

The Tank is useful for gaining a wanted level which causes large amount of money with invulnerability, the player just needs to run down some cars or police vehicles. This is very useful if the player wants to proceed to a new area quickly. Tanks are only weak against explosive weapons (Rocket launchers, grenades, or another Tank's turret).

Grand Theft Auto 2

When used against the player in GTA 2, the Tank proves to be extremely deadly due to its tendency to open fire at the player using the turret; the vehicle will also be used to good effect in military road blocks to halt the player's advance while firing at the player. When one is in the hands of the player in any game, however, the player can inflict substantial amounts of damage and rake up a large numbers of points in the process. The Tank is less effective against tank blockades in GTA 2 because it is a very easy target for other tanks, whose cannons will make short work of it. Like other law enforcement vehicles in GTA 2 road blocks, a Tank cannot be stolen there.

The Tank is weak against explosive weapons and Molotov cocktails.

Grand Theft Auto Advance

Again, the Tank is a strong and durable vehicle, capable of taking out enemies with its main cannon. Tanks in Grand Theft Auto Advance are also capable of maintaining their speed while traveling off-road, something most road vehicles are not able to do.

The Tank allows the player to activate Vigilante side-missions, and is also capable of sounding a siren. Tanks are vulnerable to Molotov cocktails.

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Grand Theft Auto 1

Grand Theft Auto 2

  • It may also be used by law enforcement agencies when the player has a six-star wanted level; Tanks in the game are found in all three districts of Anywhere City, and most Tanks trigger Kill Frenzies when entered.

Grand Theft Auto Advance


Grand Theft Auto Advance

The scrap value of a Tank at the game's crusher is the highest among all the GTA Advance vehicles, at $19,904.


Grand Theft Auto Advance

  • The Tank can start Police side-missions, and doing so will cause the Tank to turn silver and glow red and blue, instead of the normal green.

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