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"Change of plans, Carl! We're taking the tanker!"

Tanker Commander is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Catalina from the Gasso filling station in the town of Dillimore in Red County, San Andreas.


As the liquor store is confronted, Catalina points a shotgun at the two men in the store (through a window) and demands that they hand over the takings. The employee responds that the store has bullet-proof glass. Catalina decides that she and Carl can just steal a nearby tanker and its trailer. They get in the tanker, and Catalina directs Carl to a person who would buy it. However, both the store employee and the cashier, Derek, give chase. Nevertheless, Catalina and Carl safely get to the RS Haul in Flint County. The person, Mr. Whittaker, receives the tanker, and pays Carl and Catalina. Catalina leaves on a Sanchez.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get into the cab
  • Attach the cab to the tanker
  • Get back in the cab
  • Drive the rig out to Catalina's buyer. Be careful not to disconnect the trailer


The reward for this mission is $5,000. The next storyline mission that would be unlocked depends on which mission the player completed before this mission. Also, Trucking missions can now be accessed at the RS Haul in Flint County.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful around sharp turns, as turning too suddenly can easily result in the trailer swinging around and disconnecting.
  • To easily get rid of the Sabre, get out of the tanker after the cutscene ends  and get between wall and the tanker, then crouch because the car always tries to ram the tanker, so when it does so, shoot it until it catches fire. Make sure it doesn't explode near the tanker or near Catalina, as this will fail the mission.


  • Sometimes, when you fail the mission, Derek and the employee will get out of the car and walk as normal pedestrians. They will not disappear even after you failed it, and they are invincible. That means there is no way to kill them. (Confirmed on PS2)
  • If Derek and the employee chase the player all the way to the RS Haul, a short cutscene shows them losing control of their Sabre and bailing out just before it crashes into the filling stations at the nearby gas station, destroying it and a nearby Sadler.
  • The Tanker is bullet proof before it is attached to the cab.
  • If the player kills the gas station employee, Derek will flee the scene and become a random pedestrian.
  • If Derek and the employee are killed before reaching the RS Haul, an indestructible Sadler can be obtained, as it would usually be destroyed during the cutscene where the pursuing Sabre crashes into the gas station.
  • On rare occasions, a car or truck can crash into the filling stations as the player approaches it and activates the cutscene, causing the station to explode during the cutscene, thus killing Catalina, failing the mission and giving the player a two-star wanted level.
  • In the beta, the Trucking Missions would not be unlocked after this mission, instead being unlocked after completing the mission Highjack.
  • Near the beginning, when CJ and Catalina run to the truck to steal it, run towards Catalina and she'll stay where she is, and start shooting CJ. This will automatically fix itself if you get in the Tanker, as usual, and put on the trailer.
  • If you try to enter in gas station interior with trainers or a jetpack cheat, and kill the two peds, after you enter in the Tanker, the game will crash or becomes a black screen.
  • This mission cannot be completed if you use the 'Ped Riot' cheat, even if you deactivate it, at the end cutscene, Mr. Whittaker will run towards Catalina and punch her, thus causing her to pull out her shotgun and kill him, also causing the cutscene to become endless.
  • The bulletproof glass at the gas station is manufactured by Max Pane, an obvious reference to the Max Payne series, also published by Rockstar.
  • Rarely, If you destroy Derek's Sabre before reaching RS Haul and the two bails out. There's a chance that the employee will become invincible and will keep shooting you. (Tested in the PC version)


Video walkthroughs

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