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Tarbrush Cafe

The Tarbrush Café, also called Tarbrush Coffee, is a café chain from GTA III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City based on Starbucks Coffee. In the mission Cop Land in GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti has to blow up the café in the North Point Mall. In Vice City Stories, the unit at the mall has been converted to a men's clothing store called T&A Men. Its name is based on Starbucks.

In the game Manhunt, three Tarbrush Cafe stands can be found. One is located in the abandoned mall, one in the chemical plant and one in the 54th Street Subway Station.



  • Though many think that the Bean Machine is Tarbrush Cafe's successor, there is a restaurant in WestdykeAlderney. At first glance at the restaurant on Flathead Road it says Coffee Shop in generic font. But there are tables around the entrance of the restaurant that say Tarbrush Cafe on them.
  • The Tarbrush Cafe's name may be a reference to the derogatory phrase "touch of the tar brush," used to denote a person who appears white, but is suspected to be partially of African or Asian descent.
  • In a office in the back of Cop Land, there is a obtainable Katana.

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