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Target Practice is a Strangers and Freaks mission located in Sandy Shores, between Niland and Armadillo Avenues. In this mission, Trevor target-shoots all around town with local rural-American fixture, Cletus Ewing.

Satellite Dishes

Trevor meets Cletus in front of his dilapidated blue house on Marina Drive, between Niland and Armadillo Avenues. Cletus arms Trevor with a sniper rifle and takes him up to his second-floor terrace. There, Cletus has Trevor shoot three satellite dishes.

Popping Tires

Cletus and Trevor drive to the large, run-down motel in the west of town. Cletus takes Trevor to a second floor balcony. From there, Trevor must use the sniper rifle to shoot out three tires on vehicles moving along the nearby highway.

Killing Coyotes

Cletus takes Trevor to the roof of the same motel. From there, Trevor must shoot three coyotes. When Trevor has shot the coyotes, Cletus tells Trevor he will text him an invite to join him in Paleto Bay, where he'll to hunt Elk. Trevor reluctantly agrees to go hunting with Cletus.

Mission Objectives

  • Follow Cletus.
  • Shoot the three satellite dishes.
  • Go to the abandoned motel.
  • Shoot three car tires.
  • Follow Cletus.
  • Shoot three coyotes

Gold Medal Objectives

  • 2 for 1 - Kill 2 coyotes with one shot.
  • Pop! Pop! - Shoot all 3 tires with an accuracy of at least 75%.
  • Bad Signal - Shoot all 3 Satellite dishes without missing.



  • The gold medal objective named Pop! Pop! could be a reference to the catch phrase of the character Magnitude from the TV show Community.
  • There's a glitch where the player can travel too far without failing. It's also the famous glitch where many people use it to visit restricted areas without attaining a wanted level.

Video Walkthrough

The mission "Target Practice" starts at 00:03
GTA 5 - Cletus 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough14:26

GTA 5 - Cletus 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough


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