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This page includes all destinations in the secondary odd job Taxi Driver that Carl may carry the passengers to in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


All of the possible drop-off points are stated below.

Los Santos

Los Santos Taxi Driver mission drop-off points

Destinations (places where passengers will be dropped off)

In-game text (destinations showed in the game)



All Saints General Hospital All Saints General Hospital Jefferson If the player was knocked out in the west half zone of LS, he will respawn here.
Ammu-Nation Ammu-Nation Market The starting point of the mission "Doberman".
Burger Shot Burger Shot Marina This Burger Shot is actually the one Carl receives missions from OG Loc.
Burger Shot Burger Shot Temple Encountered during Management Issues or possibly A Home in the Hills.
County General Hospital County General Hospital Jefferson If the player was knocked out in the east half zone of LS, he will respawn here.
Glen Park Glen Park Glen Park The drop-off point is actually the south-western corner of the park.
Glen Park Skate Park Skate Park Glen Park Encountered during Sweet & Kendl and OG Loc. It is also possible to trigger a side-mission here.
Jefferson Motel Jefferson Motel Jefferson This is the place where the first part of a mission takes place.
Jefferson Towers Sculpture Park East Los Santos There are four big sculptures easily distinguished here. Also the player needs to drive near here after spraying up the tags in Idlewood in Tagging Up Turf.
Jim's Sticky Ring The donut shop Market The trigger point of the missions Burning Desire and Gray Imports.
Liquor Mart Liquor Mart Ganton South of Johnson House.
Los Santos Church Church Jefferson Not officially labeled in-game.
Los Santos Forum The Stadium East Beach The red corona is located on the south-eastern corner of the forum parking lot.
Los Santos International Airport The Airport Los Santos International See Trivia
Los Santos Lighthouse Santa Maria Beach Santa Maria Beach On the west end of the road leads to the lighthouse itself.
Los Santos Observatory The Observatory Verdant Bluffs
Los Santos Police Headquarters The police station Pershing Square This is the place when CJ respawns after he was arrested by the law at any point in LS.
Mama's Cinema Mama's Cinema East Los Santos Just the opposite of the Cluckin' Bell north of Grove Street.
Market Station Market Station Market Station Encountered during "Snail Trail".
Pershing Square Pershing Square Pershing Square South of LSPD HQ. May be featured in the mission OG Loc.
Pizza Stack The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Idlewood Encountered during "Ryder".
Pik N' Go Market The Pik 'n' Go market Jefferson Just east of the Sub Urban in the same district. May be encountered during "Drive-By".
ProLaps Pro Laps Store Rodeo
Reece's Hair & Facial Studio Reece's Barber Shop Idlewood Encountered during "Ryder".
Richman Country Club The Country Club Vinewood Encountered in the kart chase during the mission Cut Throat Business.
Ten Green Bottles Ten Green Bottles Ganton Just a little west of Grove Street.
The Brown Starfish Bar and Grill Brown Starfish bar and grill Santa Maria Beach The destination of the mission "High Stakes, Low Rider". It is also encountered during the mission "Snail Trail".
The Legal Cinema The Legal Cinema Commerce South of Roboi's Food Mart where CJ can do BMX odd jobs.
Tattoos The tattoo shop Idlewood This is the one near Old Reece's Barbers.
Unity Station Unity Station El Corona Encountered during Cesar Vialpando, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Lowrider Challenge and Los Desperados.
Unnamed industrial park The truck park Ocean Docks South of the bridge connects Willowfield and Playa del Seville. Not officially labeled in-game.
24 Hour Motel A 24 hour motel Idlewood Not far and just west of the Ganton Gym.


  • There are two destinations named The Airport. One is near the yellow marker where CJ can buy flight tickets to go to another city and the other one is the roundabout with a big sculpture.
  • Sometimes if the player checks the script when they have forgotten the destination, they may see two of them and one of them was not shown in-game. It is probably that the first one was likely too close to the place where Carl found a passenger and the game instantly changed the destination after the passenger got on the taxicab. This happens most in Los Santos.

San Fierro

Las Venturas

Red County

Flint County & Whetstone

Tierra Robada & Bone County


  • If a passenger was died in some way (e.g. Gunned down or received an air punch) when the player must take him, the game will instantly point out another one.