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Taxi Driver is a side mission that requires the player to drive passengers to specific locations within a time limit for a cash reward. However, in Grand Theft Auto IV, the Taxi Driver mission is no longer possible to complete in a normal taxi. Instead, the side mission is triggered by telephoning Roman Bellic about taking a fare.


Niko can perform the taxi side mission by phoning Roman for fares. Following the mission Jamaican Heat, Niko can call Roman to drive a fare; Roman will give the location of the customer and his/her destination as well as tell Niko to pick up a Roman's Taxi at the cab depot. If Niko is already driving one of Roman's Taxi, he would inform Roman that he is already driving in one and he would go straight to the customers.

Even no time counter show up, in fact it still has time limit. The passengers will ask you hurry up if near the time limit, and the mission will fail if take too long for the trip. However, it's almost no difficult to reach the location within the time limit, unless you really want to waste your time in some place just like wait patiently behind the line of 20+ vehicles for crossing the toll of bridge.

If the player completes 10 of Roman's taxi missions, Roman will text Niko and say that the other drivers were getting jealous of Niko hogging all the fares and tells him that he should "Use his fists" for money instead; after that you can no longer do taxi missions.

After the mission Roman's Sorrow, even not yet completed all of the taxi missions, the missions will no longer be available to Niko for the rest of the game, as Roman's cab business was burned down. Luckily, Roman's Taxi missions are not required for 100% Completion.


  • Doing taxi missions isn't required for 100% completion of the game nor does it bring any achievement or bonus apart of a small amount of money, usually no more than $20-30. It was likely implemented for the sake of realism, and to go along with the plot early on in the game, as well as an excuse to help the player familiarize themselves with the road layout while gaining some cash.
  • Some fares will net the player considerably less cash if they require crossing one or more of the toll bridges.


  • The fourth fare Niko picks up's destination is Schottler Medical Center. Once arriving, the fare will drop to the ground in a scripted animation. It is unknown what happens to the fare, though he may attempt to enter the hospital.


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