Comparison between a TOS user (Tosser) and FruitOS user (Fruit) on the Electron Zone teaser site for GTA LCS.

The Technical Operating System (TOS) is an operating system which parodies the real-life Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). The latest version of TOS mentioned in-game is TOS 3.0. It may also be "Windchime;" both OS's released in 1998. Users of the TOS are usually refered to as "TOSsers," which is slang for a person who masturbates. On the GTA IV internet, TOS is also referred to as "To$$", which is a reference to real-life term "Micro$oft" spelling on computing websites and message boards. This would also imply/suggest that they are very focused on making money, like Microsoft. Even though TOS is mentioned frequently on GTAIV internet, it does not have its own website like Eunux, or Fruit does. TOS' competition is Fruit Computers. TOSsers are depicted in the GTA series as "boring", with the TOS interface showing only green text on a black background (parodying the DOS color-scheme which is black and white), while Fruits (Fruit OS users) are depicted as exciting and/or interesting people, frequently using similes in forums.


  • In real life, there was an operating system released by Atari called TOS, which stands for "The Operating System".