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This is a basic userbox for you to say what music you listen to.

See Help:Userboxes for information on how to use userboxes on your user page. Don't forget to {{userboxtop}} and {{userboxbottom}} to make your userbox, and put individual boxes between them.

You could use this template simply by using {{userbox:music}}, which would produce what you see above.

To specify a band, use {{userbox:music|Lady Gaga}}

Music This user listens to Lady Gaga

To specify an image, upload the image, and add its filename: {{userbox:music|the sound of an Infernus|Infernus-GTAVC-rear.jpg}}.

You can also specify a width: {{userbox:music|the sound of an Infernus|Infernus-GTAVC-rear.jpg|70px}}

Infernus-GTAVC-rear This user listens to the sound of an Infernus

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