Simmet Alley.

Textile City is a small commerce district in Grand Theft Auto V located in Downtown Los Santos. It borders Alta to the north, Mission Row to the south, Pillbox Hill to the west and La Mesa to the east. It is based on the Los Angeles Fashion District.



Textile City on the map.


Satellite view.

This neighborhood is known for its factory outlets, wholesale stores and retail shops. There are many clothing stores lined up along the streets of Textile City. It was formerly an industrial area, as indicated by the reused factories that turn into makeshift stories. Just like neighbouring East Los Santos, the effects of gentrification and tourism caused a new buildup of commerce and business in the neighborhood. A decommissioned railroad is nearby, along with a few warehouses that are still serving their original purposes.

Despite Textile City being such a small area, many shoppers can be seen frequenting here during daytime. The famous Simmet Alley is a crowded, bustling marketplace full of buyers and sellers. Most of the stores in Textile City are either clothing stores or restaurants.

Textile City sits at the border of Downtown and East Los Santos. It overlooks the Los Santos Storm Drain, with La Mesa on the other side of the river. A few bridges allow access from Textile City to La Mesa.

Events of GTA V

While Franklin Clinton and Chop are chasing D, they all run through Textile City, dodging many people and cars. They then make their way into Mirror Park Rail Yard.

Mission Appearances

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Textile City is the location of the Dashound Bus Center. The Dashound buses are used by tourists to travel throughout the city. The bus center is used to deploy said buses. There are also a series of bridges used to cross the Los Santos Canal.

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