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Template:This Texture archives in the Grand Theft Auto III game trilogy go by the extension .txd (Texture Dictionary). The files belong to RenderWare's binary stream files. Since Grand Theft Auto IV uses the new RAGE engine it also uses different texture formats. Textures are still stored in dictionaries but they got the extension .wtd for the PC versions of the game and .xtd for console verions now.

Tools and Scripts

Game Tool
IVG-Texture – by REspawn
III VC GrandTheftAuto-LogoMagicTXD – by Martin Turski and Dmitry K
III VC SATXD Workshop – by JernejL
III VC SAG-TXD – by REspawn
VCViceTXD – by Spooky
III VC SATXD Builder – by steve-m
III VC SATXD Viewer – by steve-m

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