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The 69th Street Diner

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69th Street Diner


Inside the 69th Street Diner

"The pie here will warm anyone's cold heart. Stop in for classic diner fare as you wonder why it's on Bart Street."
―GTA IV Manual Description
"Who could resist its greasy allure?"
―GTA IV Website

The 69th Street Diner is a restaurant located at the intersection of Bart St. and Mohawk Ave in Hove Beach, Broker, Liberty City. Niko Bellic can buy food there to replenish his health. Niko, Johnny and Luis can take his friends or girlfriends out to the diner for a meal. The diner is featured in the website


The 69th Street Diner on the outside, has a somewhat worn down "50s style" appearance. Inside, there are several booths and stools which maintain the style as well. Usually, several armed and unarmed occupants are present; the ones that are armed only use them when Niko opens fire on them or others.

There are two entrances to the diner, a side entrance and a front entrance, which faces Mohawk Ave and it is a standard design for majority of the retro diners with sterling streamliner design.

Outside the diner are several well armed Russian Mafia members that will attack the player if he fires a gun.

Mission appearance

In the mission Out of the Closet, Niko plays along with a romantic dinner then kills Tom Rivas at the diner for Brucie because Tom had borrowed some money from him and was refusing to pay it back.


  • This is Terry Thorpe's favorite place to eat because of a hot waitress.
  • This is Michelle's favourite place as it's 'simple'; this is a good way of getting her 'Like' up high.
  • Like a few other locations in the GTA series, it bears a reference to the 69 Sex Position.
  • The diner is not located on 69th Street. In the official GTA IV game case booklet, "Liberty City Guidebook", states that the diner is actually on Bart St.


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