Synapse-Cover, VCS

The cover of Ambulance's Synapse, which bears a striking resemblance to that of Synchronicity, the 1983 album by The Police.

For the vehicle, see Ambulance.

The Ambulance is a band in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Its main events are referred to in the game's official website.


The Ambulance, a "power pop reggae afro-beat" band, was formed at an unknown point in time by Crow, Trev and another unnamed musician, who all grew up together. In 1984, Trev began using a wheelchair, though the reason why is never stated, and he continued to receive a 10% cut of the band's royalties until the band disbanded later in 1984.


  • The band's name is an obvious reference to The Police, the band for whom Sting (who Crow is based on) was the vocalist. The "power pop reggae afrobeat" description is a reference to the various genres that The Police played during their active years. Furthermore, the cover of the Synapse album is very similar to the cover of The Police's 1983 album Synchronicity.