Advertisement for Barfs merchandise.

The Barfs is a Saturday morning cartoon, first appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Appearing on VBC, the show is a parody of The Smurfs and Snorks. Like its real-life counterpart, each character has a unique personality and appear on numerous amounts of branded merchandise, such as Little Lacy Surprise underwear. However, unlike the Smurfs, the Barfs explicitly hate sharing, likening sharing to communism. Each Barf has his or her own firearm for "protection and fun" and have an unique serial number on their foot. Their names seem to be a play on the adjectives that can be attributed to kinds of barf.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, posters can be seen in Vice Point and inside Vice Point Mall.

A "new" episode is also advertised on Radio Espantoso. The ad starts with an announcer saying the show's broadcast time (Saturday morning at 9), claiming that The Barfs are "under attack from a familiar evil menace", but then, dialogue from the episode plays and this "menace" is revealed as an unnamed character (described as a "tiny purple person") simply seeking help.

The character tells Big Major Barf that his tiny purple people are starving. Big Major Barf refuses to help, saying that their situation is "un-American", but the tiny purple person insists, claiming that they've always helped the Barfs. Big Major Barf however says that the Barfs are self-sufficient and proud of it, telling him that they deserve to starve, then shooting him.

The tiny purple person screams and calls him a "major dick". The episode then is cut with the "moral of the story", where another Barf says "Today, we learned today that purple is a lot like red. Never judge a book by its cover, instead, shoot on sight!"

The announcer then repeats the show's broadcast time and the ad ends with the Barfs cheering.

Other appearances

In Grand Theft Auto V, during the mission "Friend Request", a few The Barfs toys cam be seen on the wall [vague].

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players were able to buy a Barfs T-shirt as part of the Independence Day Special.


  • Big Major Barf - a Barf dressed in military garb, carries an M16.
  • Lady Barf - a female Barf, carries a derringer.
  • Barfette - Most likely a parody of The Smurfs' Smurfette.
  • Chunky Barf - a Barf wearing a do-rag and gold chain, carries a Micro-SMG.
  • Smokey Barf - a Barf who smokes a lot, carries a Double Barreled Shotgun.
  • Tiny Barf - a baby Barf with a mohawk, carries a Python.
  • Fruity Barf - a homosexual Barf, carries a squirt gun.
  • Harlot Barf - Big Major Barf's mother. Only mentioned in the radio ad.