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d. Its signals are supposedly so powerful, the locals suffer from radiation poisoning causing them to be born without ears. The Big Ear is a replica of the structure of the same name that was part of Ohio State University's SETI project that was designed to search for extraterrestrial radio transmissions. It may also be a parody of the "Very Large Array" collection of satellite dishes in San Agustin, New Mexico.


  • Sandking - Under the satellite, inside the fenced area. This is notably the only place in the game where it can be found.
  • Assorted vehicles spawn in the parking lot beside the satellite, usually the Rancher, Freeway, Sanchez and Wayfarer.


  • Thermal Vision Goggles - Under the satellite, in front of the Sandking (only after the mission Black Project).
  • Parachute - On top of the communication aerial near the telescope. Walking up to the tower will teleport the player to the top.


  • K Rose broadcasts from somewhere near the Big Ear.
  • During the mission Dam and Blast, the Nevada crashes near the Big Ear.
  • Barbara Schternvart may comment on a plane crash in this area, possibly referring to the aforementioned Nevada.

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