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For the train in GTA San Andreas, see Brown Streak.

The Brown Streak

The Brown Streak is a fictional superhero in The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V. The name of a film starring him, The Brown Streak Returns, implies that comic books, movies, or television shows have revolved around him previously. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis Lopez has a small action figure displayed on the table holding his TV and Yusuf Amir has a life size statue of him.

In GTA V, a poster of Brown Streak is seen on the side of a house on Brouge Avenue in South Los Santos. Brown Streak action figures can be found at a variety of locations in Los Santos including Franklin's Strawberry safehouse and Lester's house.

Like the Brown Streak train, the superhero's name is another example of toilet humor from Rockstar.


  • The Brown Streak Returns's tag-line is: THEY TRIED TO WIPE HIM OUT...BUT THEY MISSED A BIT....
  • The Brown Streak may be a reference to the superhero, Silver Streak.
  • The Brown Streak Returns could be a reference to superhero films Superman Returns and Batman Returns.
  • His name and many other things about him are an obvious innuendo to feces, with brown streak being a slang term to diarrhea.