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The Bum Deal

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"What the hell?! That's Forbes! He's getting away! Get him!"
Lance Vance

The Bum Deal is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by undercover cop Bryan Forbes from the abandoned apartment complex in Little Havana, Vice City


Lance and Victor go to the house they've tied Bryan Forbes, looking for more information on a big shipment coming to Vice City. Forbes tells them that the contact who knows about the shipment is at the White Stallionz Bar. Victor and Lance drive over to the bar but while entering they're surrounded by gay white supremacist Bikers who attack them. After all the Bikers are dead, the Vance brothers leave the bar to go and get Forbes. But upon arriving at the house, Forbes has untied himself and attempts to escape. They chase him and Victor kills Forbes as well as dropping Lance at his hotel.

Mission objectives

In order to completc the mission the player must:

  • Go to the White Stallionz Bar
  • Enter the bar
  • Take out the Stallionz
  • Go back to the derelict building
  • Take out Forbes
  • Take Lance back to his hotel

Post mission pager message

Aunt Enid: Lance tells me he's running things down there. He's such a good kid...


There is no reward for completing this mission but the mission From Zero to Hero is unlocked, however it only becomes available once the mission Snitch Hitch is completed.


  • As with the previous mission, Leap and Bound, whatever vehicle is brought to the mission trigger point remains available after the initial cutscene. Using a motorcycle (preferably a PCJ-600 as opposed to an automobile makes chasing and killing Forbes easier since bikes allow forward drive-bys. Victor has the option of taking one of the Stallionz' bikes after the gunfight.


  • This missions plot may be a parody of a recurring joke in the Police Academy films as an antagonist/s would be lured to the gay bar under a lie e.g: best salad bar in town. In this case its the protagonists lured there using the lie that there is a contact there who knows about the shipment.
  • The Wintergreen, Freeway, and Ventoso in this mission all have higher horsepower.
  • If you listen to the radio after finishing this mission, it only talks about how the White Stallionz was shot up and has no reference about Bryan's death.


Video walkthrough

PS2 Version
GTA Vice City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 29 - The Bum Deal04:01

GTA Vice City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 29 - The Bum Deal

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