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The Construction Assassination

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The Construction Assassination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest.


The mission is received per phone like the previous Lester's missions. The target now is a corrupt businessman called Enzo Bonelli, he is running a construction site in Downtown Los Santos. He has been involved into extortion, murder and connections with mobs. Lester wants him eliminated. Franklin needs to kill all the mobsters who are protecting Enzo in the floors. Soon as all the mobsters are dead, Franklin enters in an elevator who takes him to the roof. More mobsters protecting. Enzo tried to escape in a helicopter, but Franklin has to quick put the chopper down (with a Rocket Launcher is one of the best choices). Then, Franklin has to leave the area, a parachute is located nearby. When Franklin is far enough, Lester will call him to congratulate him for the good job.

Mission objectives

  • Go to the construction side.
  • Go to the rooftop.
  • Search for elevators to go up to the roof.
  • Assassinate the target.
  • Leave the area.

Gold Medal Objectives

No Fly Zone - Shoot down the target's helicopter

Stock Tip

Before you start this mission you may want to invest in Gold Coast on on the LCN stock exchange (with all characters).



  • After pressing the button for each of the two elevators, Franklin will automatically reload his equipped weapon, regardless if its magazine was full or not.
  • This mission is somewhat similar to Deconstruction for Beginners in Grand Theft Auto IV, due to the both being located in construction areas and the both involve a large shootout. However, in Deconstruction for Beginners, four main targets are required to be killed while in this mission, only one target is required to be killed. 

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