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The Da Nang Thang

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The Da Nang Thang is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Mountain Cloud Boys leader Wu Zi Mu from his apartment in the Chinatown district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Carl bumps into Woozie just as he was about to leave his apartment. Suddenly, Little Lion, a Triad gang member, calls Woozie and informs him of the Da Nang Boys having arrived on a freighter ship on the San Fierro Bay and have brought along some Vietnamese refugees and locked them in a container.

Carl rushes to the apartment's roof and meets Little Lion who is about to fly towards the ship with his Maverick. Carl enters the helicopter and the two fly over to the shipment in the middle of the sea. Carl, prepared for an attack, starts killing every Da Nang Boy he spots with a minigun and after a brief moment, one of the Da Nang Boys manages to shoot down the helicopter with a rocket launcher. Little Lion gets taken out and CJ survives the attack, but loses all his weapons and is left with only a knife in his hands (and his armor).

He climbs the ladders onto the ship and kills the first Da Nang Boy armed with a shotgun from behind and continues his way around until he finds the prisoners and frees them. One of the refugees tells him where The Snakehead, the Da Nang Boys' leader, is located. Carl makes his way to The Snakehead and is handed a katana. During the sword battle, Carl kills The Snakehead and along with the refugees escapes in a Dinghy.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take out the Da Nang Boys on the ship
  • Swim over to the freighter
  • Make your way down to the hull of the ship. Be as quiet for as long as possible
  • Take out the refugees' guard
  • Shoot the padlock on the front of the refugees' container
  • Leave no one alive on the bridge
  • Kill The Snakehead
  • Go back and meet the refugees. They will lower some dinghies into the water


The rewards for this mission are $15,000 and an increase in respect. If the mission Toreno's Last Flight has been completed, the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom is unlocked.



  • Regardless how accurate the player is with the minigun, the gangster with the rocket launcher is invincible, therefore he cannot be killed and the helicopter will always be shot down and Carl will always lose his weapons collection.
  • Since this mission results in the loss of all the player's weapons, it's advisable to undertake this mission before completing the other mission threads for Jizzy and the Doherty Garage.
  • Even if the player is unarmed or has a different melee weapon, Carl will automatically receive a knife for the purpose of stealth.
  • If the player acquires a gun during this mission (by cheating or any other means), he can choose to shoot the Snakehead rather than stab him.
  • It isn't necessary to get on the boat when you lose your weapons. Just swim to shore and visit ammu-nation, then return fully armed.
  • In the rare occasion, due to the area of the ship carrying Snakehead being high above ground level, a plane may crash on it, and the aftermath explosion can kill Snakehead and his guards, leaving CJ to automatically meet up with the fugitives.
  • Even if the player activates the 'unlimited health' cheat,CJ will still lose some health when the helicopter hits the water.


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