The Discharger poster

"He's back, he's now black, and an android, from the future!!"
―Movie poster

The Discharger: Evacuator III is the third and final installment of the Evacuator Trilogy, this time featuring Tim as a black android from the future. The film goes out of the way of its prequels and does not seem to follow the same canon. Released in 1992, posters for the film can be seen in San Andreas.

Not much is known about the movie but it is highly likely that it does not star Jack Howitzer, who at the time would've been involved with the filming of Special Needs Cop, which was released at around the same time as The Discharger.

As Special Needs Cop does follow the canon of the other Evacuator films and features Howitzer as Tim, it is considered as true third part of the Evacuator trilogy rather than The Discharger, despite the film's poster stating it is the sequel to Exploder.

Unlike the previous two Evacuator films, The Discharger is a parody of the Terminator franchise rather than Rambo. It also spoofs the general poor quality of some movie sequels; which tend to have a much lower budget and don't star the same prominent cast as the prequels, features an absurd and unrelated narrative to its predecessors and only exists to milk the franchise.


  • The android on the poster bears resemblance to Carl Johnson.