Huang: "At a time like this, you're courting publicity?"
Zhou: "I didn't ask for the burden of greatness, nor the paparazzi's prying cameras. But, in the long term, it could be very beneficial especially when it comes to picking up women, not that I need any help, of course. While I attend to my business, you must see to it that the press get no photos of me."
Zhou Ming gives Huang Lee the mission

The Fandom Menace is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Zhou Ming.


Zhou Ming wishes to hold a private meeting with two Triads, about who will become the next boss of the Triad, but the press are following him. Huang is tasked with driving them in a Admiral to the meeting points, while killing paparazzi that take incriminating photos of Zhou.


The first triad member, Chun Chun Fung, is waiting in the construction site in Castle Gardens, the second triad member, Chow Chin, is waiting in front of The Bean Machine in The Triangle. After picking both of then, drive back to Zhou's place. While picking each of them, the player will need to avoid several paparazzi driving bikes, if they get too close to the car, they will take a photo and the player will need to chase and kill them before they manage to get away.

To make this mission much easier, collect an SMG before starting it, and while getting out of the alleyway in the beginning of the mission, drive close to the paparazzi and kill all of them before they can get to their bikes. This way, the player don't need to worry about the paparazzi chasing and photographing them.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the car with Zhou
  • Drive Zhou to his meeting at the construction yard
  • Drive Zhou and Chun to the meeting in The Triangle
  • Drive everyone back to Zhou's


  • The title of the mission is an obvious reference to the 1999 Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace.

Mission Replay description

"Zhou seemed to be the only Triad who hadn't been hit by the FIB.

However, the press were showing plenty of interest in him, and were following him around

I made sure they didn't get any photos that could have damaged his good public-image."


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The Fandom Menace
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