The Farm

The Farm, with its farmhouse featuring blue windows at night.

"This region is riddled with Marijuana farms. It's a crime and you shouldn't do it, you are a criminal. Luckily, we get to bust criminals and put them in prison, where they get raped by killers. Ha ha."
―GTA San Andreas Website.

The Farm, also known as the "Cult Farm", is a farm located in Flint County, south of Easter Bay International Airport and Easter Bay Chemicals and north of Leafy Hollow. The Farm consists of many greenhouses, a few sheds, a silo, a water tower, and a farmhouse.


The Farm's farmhouse is notable for having strange glowing blue windows at night-time, an indication that the farm is related to the Epsilon Program. The blue windows are a unique occurrence in all of San Andreas. Another indication that the farm has to do with the Epsilon Program shows in the map of San Andreas which follows the PS2 version of GTA San Andreas. The farm is there also named as "Cult Location". The mission Body Harvest involved Carl Johnson stealing a Combine Harvester from the farm for The Truth. During this mission, farmers will attack you with shovels and rifles. The Farm is home to several redneck residents. The Farm is also prone to have foggy weather at night, making a slightly creepy place. In the morning, however, CJ can drive through the farm without any spawned rednecks.