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"Every smuggler from here to Caracas has one dream...a faster boat! Now rumour has it that the boatyard has just completed such a vessel for some Costa Rican dickead. And Tommy...I want that boat!"
Ricardo Diaz

The Fastest Boat is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by drug baron Ricardo Diaz in from his mansion in Starfish Island, Vice City.


According to Diaz, who is shooting birds with a shotgun due to the bird excrement on his vehicle, every smuggler from Vice City to Caracas wants only one thing - a faster boat. Apparently, the Vice City Boatyard has built a super fast boat (a Squalo) for a Costa Rican person and Diaz asks Tommy to steal the boat.


Drive to the Vice City Boatyard, there is one guy with a Ruger in the entrance, shoot him. Now, three more guys walking around will attack you, clear your way through them and get to the dock. There, kill all the men that come after you. When you've killed those guys, enter the main hangar.

You will have to use a nearby switch to lower the boat into the water, the switch is guarded by three guys wielding hammers. Kill the guys and go for the switch. Now that you've released the boat into the water, about twenty new guards will come after you. Shoot them one by one before they enter the hangar and get close to you or they'll be harder to get rid off. When the coast is clear, run to the boat and hop in.

Now that you're in the boat, you will get a three star wanted level, and you will have to drive the boat to Diaz's Mansion, but it's not that hard. Since the cops will only chase you in Predators which are easy to avoid, by water, Diaz's Mansion is very close and, above all, you're riding Vice City's fastest boat! When you get the boat to Diaz's Mansion the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the boatyard at the docks and steal the fastest boat
  • Find the switch to lower the boat
  • Now get into the boat
  • Get the boat to the mansion


The reward for completing this mission is $ 4000 and the missions Supply & Demand Autocide are unlocked.


  • Due to the way the player enters boats, it is possible to enter the boat without lowering it, saving a lot of time and effort. If the player gets as close to the boat as possible, then tries to enter, they will be teleported into the boat, and can drive back to the mansion.

Post Mission Phone Call

  • Mr. Black: Get to the payphone next to the Mall in Washington.


Video Walkthrough


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