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The Fernando Show is a talk radio show on West Coast Talk Radio in Grand Theft Auto V. It is hosted by Fernando Martinez. It was implied that the show was taken off the air prior to GTA V because of Fernando's sexual attitude toward women. The show heard in-game is the first one since it had been relaunched. He still makes a few of these comments throughout the show. 

Guest Appearances

  • Sue Murry, a candidate for governor of San Andreas and former fourth-grade teacher is interviewed on the show. When she arrives, Fernando compliments her pant suit saying she "is a professional lady that doesn't show off the cleavage." Fernando and Sue discuss her campaign, previous life experiences, her "successful" divorce, and take calls. At the end of the show, Sue angrily leaves because of Fernando's uncontrollable sexual comments, calling him a "woman hater."


The Fernando Show18:51

The Fernando Show


  • The producer's name is Jo. At the beginning of the show, Fernando commented that she is a woman, and not a 'lady', 'chick', or 'piece of ass'.
  • Alan McClean calls in at one point to berate Murry about the negative comments she had about his book.
  • The Fernando Show replaced Lean In, a radio show about four women that "prattle on". However, this was never heard in the Grand Theft Auto Series.

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