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'''The Green Sabre''' is a specific and prominent vehicle during the storyline of [[Grand Theft Auto San Andreas]]. [[Frank Tenpenny]], [[Eddie Pulaski]], [[Big Smoke]], and [[Ryder]] acquired a [[Sabre]], whether is was picked out green or painted green after, it is suggested that the colour of the Sabre is either to mock [[Grove Street Families]] or to allow them to get into the heart of Grove Street so that the [[Ballas]] driving it can kill [[Sean Johnson]], Grove Street OG.
#REDIRECT [[Sabre#Green Sabre]]
[[File:TheGreenSabre-GTASA2.png|thumb|300px|right|The Green Sabre]]
However their plan goes sour, as the Ballas accidentally killed Sean's mother [[Beverly Johnson]]. Later on after Sean's younger bother [[Carl Johnson]] comes back to [[Los Santos]] for his mother's funeral, [[Varrios Los Aztecas]] leader [[Cesar Vialpando]] discovers the Green Sabre and the people associated with it. This is the last time the Green Sabre is seen.
;GTA San Andreas
*[[The Introduction]]
*[[The Green Sabre]]
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