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'''The Hills''' is an African-American gang featured in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. Little is so far known about the street gang other than that their turf is located in the South Central section of [[Los Santos in HD Universe|Los Santos]]. The Hills seems to be a play on the real-life gang of The Crips. So far nothing is known about the color the gang represents.
It is unknown if the gang is either rivals or allies with any other African-American gang in Los Santos, however it might be that the [[Grove Street Families]] gang from [[Grand Theft Auto San Andreas]] returns as they're rivals like the [[Ballas]].
*The gang operates in a neighborhood based of [[Ganton]] in Los Santos, mainly because the Ganton City Hall can be seen in the [[Franklin]] trailer.
*''The Hills'' is also the translation for [[Las Colinas]], a neighborhood in [[GTA San Andreas]].
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