"I ain't scared of nobody, but a motherfucker says he's gonna kill me? Then a motherfucker's gonna die."
Playboy X

The Holland Play is the final mission given by Playboy X to Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV. He requests that Niko kill Dwayne Forge. However, Dwayne also asks Niko to kill Playboy X. A decision must be made regarding who to kill. The outcomes for each decision are very different.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:


Kill Playboy X

  • Take down Playboy

Kill Dwayne

  • Take out Dwayne


The mission consists of two parts; the first part is for the player to decide what decision they will make, and the second part is them carrying out that decision.

The Holland Play...

Niko Bellic speaks to Playboy X at his apartment. Playboy asks him to kill Dwayne, and Niko says he will think about it. Soon afterwards, Niko receives a call from Dwayne asking him to kill Playboy. After a further call from Playboy, the player is given a choice as to who to kill.

...The Holland Play

Killing Playboy X

"Motherfucker, you think you can touch this shit?
You think I got here by letting little bitches like you fuck with me?
I own you, nobody owns me!
―Playboy X
"Argh. I was someone, you know. I made it. I changed the game."
―Playboy X's last words
"You didn't change the game, the game changed you."
―Niko Bellic, before killing Playboy X

Niko heads to Playboy's apartment in North Holland. Playboy expresses surprise to see Niko and commends him for his quick execution of Dwayne, but Niko explains he did not kill Dwayne as he thinks Dwayne is "not the problem". Realising Niko's intentions, Playboy orders his bodyguards to kill Niko before fleeing by jumping from his balcony. Niko kills Playboy's bodyguards before chasing Playboy out of the apartment into the street. Niko corners Playboy in an alleyway where Playboy aims a Desert Eagle at him. However, it jams when Playboy attempts to shoot Niko. Realising he now has no escape, Playboy drops the gun, looks to the sky and holds his hands up in surrender. Niko tells Playboy "[he] didn't change the game, the game changed [him]" before shooting him in the throat.

After killing Playboy, Niko calls Dwayne to inform him, and also informs him that Playboy asked Niko to kill Dwayne first and offered him a lot of money to do so. Dwayne laments Playboy's death, claiming he "should have kept a closer eye on him". Dwayne tells Niko he can't pay him for killing Playboy, but offers him his apartment, which he had the deed to. Niko tells Dwayne he should take it owing to his poor living conditions, but Dwayne says it would remind him of Playboy too much. He asks Niko to keep in touch as he doesn't have many friends left. Niko promises he will call Dwayne soon.

After calling Dwayne, Niko also calls his cousin, Roman, to inform him. Roman hopes Dwayne is paying Niko a lot of money for saving him. Niko explains that Dwayne cannot pay him, but he feels that he made the right decision.

Killing Dwayne

"Fuck you, man. You a fucking snake like the rest of them."
―Dwayne Forge's last words
"It ain't that simple, Dwayne. This is nothing personal."
―Niko, before killing Dwayne

Niko heads to Dwayne's apartment in the North Holland projects. He fights his way in before confronting Dwayne. Realising Niko's intentions, Dwayne does not put up resistance, calling Niko a "fucking snake, like the rest of them". Accepting his fate, Dwayne turns his back on Niko as Niko, with his head turned away and eyes closed, shoots him in the back of the head.

After killing Dwayne, Niko calls Playboy to inform him. Playboy pays Niko for his actions, but, seemingly with a change of heart, criticises Niko for killing Dwayne, who he claims was his "mentor" and "father figure". Playboy tells Niko he doesn't want to see him again and cuts his ties with Niko, calling him a "cold-blooded killer".

Niko calls Roman to inform him. He tells Roman of the situation and that Playboy has paid him off and discarded him, and he feels he has made the wrong decision. Roman tells Niko not to worry and to enjoy the money.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 49 - The Holland Play Complete (1080p)

GTA 4 - Mission 49 - The Holland Play Complete (1080p)


The rewards for this mission differ depending on who was killed:

  • If Playboy X was killed, Niko receives his penthouse as a gift from Dwayne, which also contains Claude's Outfit from Grand Theft Auto III. Dwayne can also become a friend for Niko if he responds positively to Dwayne's email.
  • If Dwayne is killed, Niko receives $25,000 from Playboy X, though Playboy X will have a change of heart towards killing Dwayne, telling Niko he is a "cold-hearted killer" and cuts all ties with him.


  • If Niko aims his pistol at Playboy X through the window of his loft, his target reticule will show. If fired, the two characters will be transported to the execution area and the cutscene will play. The only difference is that the player can pick up the Desert Eagle, because Playboy died while holding it.
  • On rare occasions, Playboy X may not make the jump from his penthouse to the other building and will simply fall to his death, simply passing the mission.


  • This mission can be played even after completing the main storyline.
  • The name of this mission is possibly a reference to "The Scottish Play", a common nickname used in the theatrical community to refer to William Shakespeare's Macbeth. The nickname is used because referring to the play by name inside a theater is considered bad luck.
  • If the player chose to kill Playboy X, when he is cornered, he will say these lines: "Even if you kill me, you're gonna have this whole town after your ass.", "Another motherfucker gone and let the money go to his head.", "I showed you the world, gangster. You don't control this shit.", "I thought you was money, you low rate bitch.", "You coulda been someone, Niko."
  • If the player chose to kill Playboy X, when he is cornered, Niko will say these lines: "You shouldn't have asked me to kill Dwayne, Playboy.", "You're a bad joke, Playboy.", "X marks the spot.", "Not such a big man now, are you?", "It was you or Dwayne, I chose Dwayne.", "Where are you going, Playboy?".
  • If the player chose to kill Dwayne, Niko will say nothing. However, Dwayne will say these lines: '"Shit, Niko, that weren't cool.", "Hell, Niko, no.", "Niko, you cold.", "Damn, son. I'm your friend.", "What you doing, son?", "Damn, you done fucked me over in the end.", "I thought we was close, Niko.", "Don't play me like that, Niko.".
  • After both options, Dwayne will send an email to Niko asking to be friends. If Dwayne is killed, Niko can still reply positively or negatively, although Niko will express sadness and regret in both. Positively, he will reply "Shit, Dwayne. I'm sorry. -N". Negatively, he will reply "Sounds like you're a lonely guy. Maybe what happened was for the best. -N".