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Horn Deodorant Logo.

"Bring out the Beast."

Horn Deodorant is a deodorant brand in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V


Horn is a parody of Axe Deodorant, and Horn's effect lasts 48 hours (2 days). Horn billboards and advertisements can be found in some areas; the most notable one is located in Star Junction because this billboard features a large elaborate tube which looks like an enlarged horn. At 1 pm, large amounts of green gas are sprayed out of the end of this horn, to simulate the deodorant spray. It stops at 2 pm. In Grand Theft Auto V, all 24/7 and LTD Service stores sell Horn Deodorant.



GTA IV The Horn Deodorant The Strange Mysterium-002:56

GTA IV The Horn Deodorant The Strange Mysterium-0

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