The Incredible Kleinman is a magician who entertains the audience in Perestroika by cheating death, with his "lovely assistant" Laurel, who he implies is his ex-lover.


He is seen in many acts but fails each stunt as he gets either seriously injured or apparently killed like getting stabbed inside the black box and set on fire by Laurel, shot through the head by a Pistol, his left hand nearly severed with a guillotine, and cut in half by a table saw. He even "accidentally" stabbed his assistant by throwing a knife into her shoulder. He claims he was distracted by the thought of "that filthy stagehand [his assistant was] trolloping with." When his first act shown, a levitation stunt, went wrong, he claims to have accidentally turned her quadrapeligic (The announcer tries to calm the audience, saying he's "sure she's only parapeligic."). His "cheating death" acts did not go very well as the audience becomes frightened. It is unknown how he keeps performing acts even after fatal accidents, or how his assistant does after she was paralyzed.

He is voiced by Kurt Rhoads.