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The Jewel Store Job

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"Now ladies and gentlemen, this is your moment! Please, don't make me ruin all the great work your plastic surgeons have been doing."

The Jewel Store Job is a heist side mission in Grand Theft Auto V, in which Michael has to rob an Vangelico jewelry shop to pay back the damages he did to Martin Madrazo's girlfriend's house.


Following on from Casing the Jewel Store, Lester devises two strategies to rob the store:

  • (Smart)Use the ventilation system to pump knock-out gas into the store, and pose as Exterminators to infiltrate the store.
  • (Loud)Using some carbine rifles stolen from the LSPD, barge in through the entrance.

This job will require a driver, who will procure the motorbikes for the getaway; a gunner; and a hacker, to hack the security system. Depending on who you pick will determine the length of time the security is out and which bikes you will use.


Before the heist, Michael will need to procure a Pest Control van from the Port of Los Santos and knockout gas from a transport van on the Palomino Freeway.

Taking control of Franklin, the player must traverse the roof of the Store via the construction site around the block and using the vantage point from the recon mission, throw a can of gas in the air vent. The gas will be pumped into the Store, knocking out all inside.

Afterwards, Michael, the gunner and the driver will enter and start ransacking the Store. Frankin will wait outside with the bikes. Once the raid has been done, Franklin, the gunner and the driver will use the city sewers to evade the police, eventually ending up at the Los Santos River into a pack of cops. However, the player now controls Michael again in a truck and uses this to crash the cops out of the way.

Once the police have been lost, the bike are loaded onto the truck and are driven to Lester's lockup.


Video walkthrough

GTA 5 - Mission 13 - The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach) 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough11:19

GTA 5 - Mission 13 - The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach) 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough



  • The mission first appeared in a scene in the first trailer. It was later depicted in an artwork, almost a year after. It was also the first confirmed mission of Grand Theft Auto V.
  • In the beta trailer, the gas masks were yellow and covered only the mouth.
  • New Red Dead Redemption games are sold with GTA V promotional cards, with an image of the mission occurring.
  • In Trailer 1, Michael and his team were seen entering the store "loud and dumb" with the pest control suits on. But in the gameplay video they were seen entering "smart".
  • The pest control outfits will not be the only outfit that's available during the mission. As in the gameplay trailer, Michael and his men were also seen entering the store "loud and dumb" while wearing dress suits and motorbike helmets.
  • On the corkboard in the gameplay trailer, a to-do list showed 3 out of the 5 tasks were complete, which were evaluate the security, photograph the interior and lastly, decide which approach the men wanted to go on.
  • In the smart control, Michael and his team are with the Bugstars Burrito, but in the loud and dumb control they were seen with a different Burrito. 

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