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"Look, it's easy. Haven't you ever seen a movie? We walk into the bank, we wave the gun around... and leave very rich men."
Tommy Vercetti

The Job is the last Malibu Club asset mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that protagonist Tommy Vercetti does independently.


Shortly after purchasing the Malibu Club, Tommy finds his team in order to pull of a heist at a bank in Little Havana. Tommy finds all of necessary positions for his team, and heads for the Malibu Club. Upon arrival the four of them, along with Ken Rosenberg discuss the sequence of the robbery. Then they head for the bank. Once there Tommy tells Hilary to keep driving around the block, then the three of them change out of their current clothing and into green jumpsuits with hockey masks. Afterwards they head inside and begin the robbery. Phil is instructed to keep an eye on all of the civilians. Tommy and Cam head upstairs to the bank's vault while killing security guards. After having difficulty with the vault, Tommy goes down to the manager's office, and holds him at gunpoint, and has him follow him. Once up there the manager helps them open the vault. Tommy then decides to check on Phil, only go to down there to find a civilian being shot by Phil for activating an alarm. Tommy then gets ready to fend off member of the Vice City SWAT. At the same time Cam tells them the vault is open. The two of them kill the SWAT Team, and head outside, only to find more SWAT waiting for them. Hilary then shows up to help them but is immediately gunned down by a SWAT agent. The team kill the remaining SWAT and drive to the nearby Pay 'n' Spray, and afterwards to Cam's Can Openers, where they meet Kent Paul and Mercedes Cortez.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Drive to the Bank
  • Change into the robbery clothing
  • Enter the bank
  • Go to the vault
  • Go to the manager's office
  • Take the manager back to the vault
  • Check on Phil
  • Assist Phil
  • Kill the SWAT Team
  • Exit the bank
  • Get in the Pay 'n' Spray
  • Go to Cam's house

Tips and tricks

  • The player does not need to escape in the taxi; to avoid the SWAT officers, you can run around the back of the bank to the street and steal another car or leave previously another car in the back of the bank.
  • Don't waste your money on buying a Pistol with lots of ammunition. As soon as you change your outfit it will be replaced by a Python.


  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the opening cutscene is "The Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini. The song isn't featured on any of the in-game radio stations. The song isn't played inside the Malibu Club during normal gameplay either. The song is however featured on the in-game radio station Fresh FM in the later released prequel Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
  • If the player kills the man who triggers the alarm, another bystander will take his place. If this bystander is killed, the hostages will begin to attack Tommy.
  • If several hostages are killed before the alarm is tripped it will go off automatically after a certain number have been killed.
  • Tommy mentions stealing the SWAT retirement fund (deleted dialogue shows that Kent Paul informed him of this). At the end of mission, Kent Paul comments on this, saying "What'd I tell you, Tommy? What'd I tell you? Bent SWAT better watch out when Kent Paul is in town.".
    • Kent Paul's dialogue is eventually included in the 10th Anniversary Edition after passing the mission.
  • On the way to the bank, damaging the vehicle will result in a different conversation between Hilary and Cam.
  • If the player runs out to the street in the robbery outfit after being directed to enter the bank, the player will fail the mission and a pop-up message will scold the player about letting the public know about what they were doing by showing them what they were wearing. Following this, Phil and Cam disappear and you will be awarded a four star wanted level. 
  • Looking at the security monitors will show Phil watching over the hostages.
  • If Cam is killed inside the bank, he will drop a briefcase, which the player must collect. During the cutscenes after Tommy and Phil exit the bank and after they get to Cam's house, there are some additional lines of dialogue about his death and after exiting the bank with Cam dead these additional dialogues can be heard "Where's Cam? History.
    • However, if the player makes it out of the bank and then abandon Cam there, he won't need to collect anything. This probably means the briefcase contains the money Tommy and the others were after. Especially since Cam was the only who can get to it. After exiting the bank, the briefcase was automatically given to Tommy for safekeeping.
  • In this mission you can see the high shooting skills Phil has, as when the SWAT team enter the bank, Phil will easily take them out without help with little time. If you see him shooting you will notice that Phil´s accuracy is almost 100%, and the delay between shoots is lower than other armed NPCs.
  • The SWAT officers will still attack the player even after player enters the Pay 'n' Spray.
    • This is because the SWAT members that were waiting outside the bank were put specially for the mission, and not for the wanted level Tommy has (this also explains why the SWAT group was present with a 3 star wanted level when in normal gameplay the SWAT only makes their appearance when the player reaches the 4 star, and also explains why are they using MP5s rather than the Uzis they normally use).
  • In the Blitz Play mission in GTA V, it is possible to make your team dressed up with the green boiler suits and the hockey masks depicted in this mission, possibly being a reference to the game, if not just a coincidence.
  • This mission shares some similarities (and some differences) with Prologue in GTA V.
    • Both missions show three men robbing (Tommy VercettiCam Jones and Phil Cassidy in the mission while Trevor referred to as T, Michael referred to as M and Brad Snider in Prologue) a bank while a fourth man serves as the driver/lookout who would both be the first men to be killed (Hilary King in this mission and the unknown accomplice in Prologue). 
    • Only two men remain after the events of this mission. Trevor and Michael from Prologue and Tommy Vercetti and Phil Cassidy in this mission. The only difference is that Brad is scripted to die in this mission, while Cam Jones' death depends on the player (he no longer appears regardless of whether he dies or not).
  • If Cam dies, the game script will indicate that Tommy and Phil get a bigger profit from the heist, although the amount the player receives for completing the mission won't change. It can suggest that Cam's death is not canon.
  • This mission is very similar to Three Leaf Clover. Both missions involve four robbers with the robbery going awry and one of the bank robbers dying and then the remaining members must flee from the cops with a high wanted level (although this mission has a 4 star wanted level, whereas Three Leaf Clover has a 5 star wanted level).


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