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The frontal facade of the Libertonian Museum.

The Libertonian is a museum in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes. Its front is based on the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As the inside and artifacts are based off of the American Museum of Natural history.


The museum is located on the eastern edge of Middle Park (similar to the Met's location in Central Park), fronting Columbus Avenue and Middle Park East, Algonquin, Liberty City. At the time of the game's setting, the musuem is under renovation and is closed to the general public. It features various pieces of historic exhibits (some of which are yet to be unpacked or are covered), as well as skeletons of three dinosaurs in the main lobby.

In IV and TLAD, the player may gain access into the building through a side door on the southern side of the museum (The North Entrance is inaccessible except in Collector's Item where Johnny enters), through a path that leads to the museum floor. The lobby and the mezzanine, and loading backrooms are the only areas inside the museum that are accessible, but the player may also reach the rooftop of the museum on foot via a series of scaffolding outside the museum, on the west side of the building. As the museum is closed to the public, the front doors are locked.

In TBoGT the museum is inaccessible apart from the mission Not So Fast.

The Libertonian's name is a play on "Smithsonian".

Mission appearances

The location is used in "Museum Piece", "Collector's Item" and "Not So Fast", where Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz meet Isaac Roth and his associates in a diamond deal on the second floor. However, Luis Lopez opens fire on the diamond deal ensuing a chaotic escape for the dealers.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Niko Bellic drives to the museum, meeting Johnny Klebitz at the side, then they both head in. After the deal is ambushed Niko shoots his way out, killing Ancelotti goons before escaping.

The Lost and Damned

Johnny Klebitz drives to the museum, he waits at the side for Niko Bellic, the two head in. After the deal is ambushed Johnny takes the 2 million in cash, betraying Ray Boccino, he kills Boccino's goons and escapes.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Luis Lopez arrives via Buzzard, landing on the roof, he scopes out the deal, and then attacks. He steals the diamonds off of Isaac Roth, then escaps with the Buzzard before taking out pursuing police helicopters in the air.


  • There is an easter egg in the museum; the plaque describing the

    The plaque

    Tyrannosaurus Rex. The texture of the text is low-resolution, and thus hard to read properly, but reads, roughly, "This big bastard took a few days to knock up because it had to be done by the sole hand of a prop artist. But alas, and feast your eyes on this 21000 poly maniac. Trex right up your arse. How do you like them apples?".


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