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The Long Stretch

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"Stretch has been released from prison, Lamar and Franklin take him out."

The Long Stretch is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Franklin.


At the start, Lamar reintroduces Stretch, who seems to have been just released from prison, to Franklin. Franklin doesn't seem too happy about his comeback. Franklin and Stretch argue with each other but then Lamar reminds them of business. Franklin, Lamar and Stretch head over to Ammu-Nation and purchase a weapon, just in case things go wrong. They then drive to a warehouse where they meet up with D, whom Franklin and Lamar kidnapped earlier with help from Chop.

What at first appears as a deal, turns out to be an ambush by the Ballas; D betrays them.

Franklin and his two friends fight their way out of the warehouse. Then they realize that the police are just outside and have a police helicopter hovering over them, Franklin takes out the firemen in the helicopter. The trio make their way to the roads where they steal a vehicle to get away from the police.


  • Cutscenes from this mission first appeared in the second trailer of GTA V, and later in Franklin's character trailer.


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