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The Lost MC's memorial wall is a feature in The Lost and Damned which commemorates members or "Brothers" of The Lost MC who have been killed, as a result of club related activities or due to other causes.


In terms of gameplay, the memorial is designed to record casualties among members of the gang over the course of the game, be it through the storyline or side missions (i.e. Gang Wars); included for each deceased member is a photograph of the person, as well as a plaque containing their name, rank and number of campaigns. Unsurprisingly, high ranking Lost members killed during the storyline, including Jason Michaels, Brian Jeremy and Jim Fitzgerald, will also be honored on the wall as the player progresses.

Lostclubhouse-TLAD-memorialThe Lost's clubhouse memorial wall in The Lost and Damned.

Although the game explains that the player character, Johnny Klebitz, as well as Billy Grey, can pay their respects to their fallen comrades at the memorial, there is no way to interact with it other than simply looking at the photographs and plaques.

The memorial can be found on the second floor of the club's clubhouse, in the same room where Hi-Lo is played. Upon completion of "Get Lost", however, the memorial, along with the rest of the clubhouse, is no longer accessible to the player.

Brothers commemorated

Up to twenty-eight brothers may be immortalized on the wall, of which four are certain to appear during progression of the storyline, while plaques for the remaining twenty-four members may appear randomly depending on when they are recruited into Johnny's team and when they are killed (certain storyline missions will automatically kill off all such members in the team, regardless of their toughness).

Storyline-specific plaques

Randomized plaques


  • Brian's picture is damaged with a large crack in the glass. This was most likely done by a member as a rejection of Brian's memory and as revenge for his betraying Johnny and The Lost to stay loyal to Billy.
  • If you spare Brian in Bad Standing, even after his random encounter, his picture will still not be on the wall.

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