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The MainFrame

The Mainframe poster

The Mainframe is a film released in 1998 produced by Love Media with advertisments shown in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V


It is a clear parody of The Matrix, though The Matrix technically did not premiere until 1999. The movie poster, featued on several billboards within the game, shows pedestrians Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Jock Cranley is one of the actors in this movie.

The movie is about five teens who take LSD and discover the 'truth'. They actually live in a computer, and they have to supposedly "make the decision of their lives. According to the script of The Electron Zone, the movie has a character who saves everyone, controversy of cyber-sexism, and a metaphor of backdoor hacking, which Bill praises.


Narrator: The event movie of the year everyone is talking about.

Male #1: You're just a virus! You're not real!

Female #1: I'm your mother, stupid!

Narrator: A group of people who think the whole is trapped in a computer.

Male #2: We can't get out!

Female #2: Hurry, stick your heart disc inside my drive.

Male #2: I can't! My heart disc crashed!

Female #2: Reboot it!

Narrator: The Mainframe. What happens when five college students take LSD, and discover the truth. 

Male #1: AHH! Your face is a big pixel!

Narrator: They have to make the decision of their lives.

Female #3: What's it gonna be? Yes or no!? One or ZERO!?

Narrator: The Mainframe, it's real.

Female #3: Oh no! The MAINFRAME!

Narrator: Coming to theatres this Friday. Rated PS for "Pretty Stupid"


  • With the exception of the girl to the right of Jock's character, all pedestrians in the poster had a role in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas; The girl to the left was used as Sweet's Girlfriend, the man to the left was used as Alan Crawford, Jock's character is a model used for the members of the Da Nang Boys, and the last girl is Barbara Schternvart.
    • This is the second movie in the game which uses Barbara's model in a movie poster, the second is the poster for Silent But Violent.
  • The movie breaks the fourth wall of the gaming world, much like the soapboxers in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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