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The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith is a Vinewood classic film produced in 1975 by Dreyfuss Productions.


"How many times have you been married, Alfredo?"

"Three, but always to the same woman."

Bell-bottoms, intrigue and a neo-noir soundtrack that never lets go. A murder mystery wrapped in a love story wrapped in a Cold War conspiracy. When blues saxophonist and good-time guy Johnny Dupress is found drowned on a water bed at a Los Santos party, questions get asked. Murder? Overdose? A sex game gone wrong? A stupid idea for bedding? Charismatic, acerbic Alfredo Smith is a failed stock car driver tortured by over-sentimentality and uncontrollable rage, but he's determined to find out the truth about Johnny's death. Alfredo sets off on a obsessive journey of romance and betrayal that inexplicably requires lots of stock car chases and shooting out the window at high speed.

Comments on

  • michaelds - "This is how movies should be. A plot so tangled that you still don't have a clue what's going on even after watching it five times. Not the dumbed down sickly sweet trash Vinewood pumps out these days." - 9/10 stars
  • dogbone91 - "Does there really need to be a cliffhanger in EVERY SCENE?" - 5/10 stars
  • sloppopx - "Name a movie in the 1970s where someone isn't working for the Russians." - 4/10 stars
  • eileendover33 - "Ah, the good old days when protagonists didn't have to be likeable." - 8/10 stars
  • ballzoutboy - "This movie makes me want to get messed up on ludes." - 6/10 stars
  • zipkipper - "Alfredo was bipolar before the word even existed." - 5/10 stars
  • tunaspooner - "Hard to imagine why she married him once let alone three times." - 3/10 stars
  • petitmort14 - "Worth watching just for maureen's tits." - 7/10 stars


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