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The Monoglobe in GTA IV.

The Monoglobe was Grand Theft Auto IV's rendition of the Unisphere sculpture in Queens' Flushing Meadows Park in New York City. In the game, it is located in the borough of Dukes in Meadows Park, just east of Savannah Avenue . It was built for the Liberty City World's Fair and was not taken down. This is a reference to the Unisphere, which was built for the same reason.

However in 2009, Huang Lee destroyed the Monoglobe on orders from Lester Leroc in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars with the intention of eliminating members of The Lost. The Monoglobe spun off of its stand and crashed into a nearby building, destroying it.

According to The Ballad of Gay Tony at the end of the mission Departure Time, Gay Tony used to play near the Monoglobe when he was young.


  • On the U.S. depiction of the Monoglobe, Florida appears to be missing.
  • The Monoglobe is the central picture on the $1 bill in GTA IV.

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