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The Multi Target Assassination

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The Multi Target Assassination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest.


Franklin arrives at a Limited Service gas station in Little Seoul to discover a nearby payphone ringing. He answers; Lester is on the line. Lester tells Franklin that Redwood Cigarettes has bribed four corrupt jurors to rig an emphysema-related class action lawsuit against the company. Lester wants Franklin to kill the four jurors to help the emphysema victims and so that Lester can make a lot of money. Lester recommends that Franklin pick up a sniper rifle, then hangs up. Almost immediately, he texts Franklin with the location of the first of the four jurors. Frankling must hurry, as the trial concludes the next day; he has nine minutes in real time to kill all four. Once the fourth juror is dead, Franklin calls Lester and informs him the mission is complete. 

Mission objectives

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Speedy Killer - Kill all targets as quickly as possible


Public Liberty Online Newspaper

"A class action lawsuit against Redwood Cigarettes has been thrown into turmoil after the shocking news that four members of the jury have been murdered in Los Santos, and the even more shocking news that, according to an anonymous tip-off, they'd all been paid large sums of money to throw the case in Redwood's favor. So what does this mean? We're still not sure whether to be angry or delighted at this news, but we're no strangers to confusion and conflicted emotions at PLO and, if the events of the past 24 hours result in a new jury and a fair trial, for now we're leaning towards the latter."

Lifeinvader Posts

  • Denise Clinton - "Does this new crib mean you've moved out or you haven't moved out? How many homes do you need before you put some food in the fridge?"
  • Dana Ellis - "Is it true you stylin it with a crib in vinewood hills these days coz i mustve missed my invitation to the party :-)"


  • Juror 1 is a body builder at the Muscle Sands Gym. A sniper rifle is advised as the target will flee if the player gets too close.
  • Juror 2 is on a sailboat in the Pacific Ocean. The juror is a man and is accompanied by a female companion. In order to complete the mission in time, the player must snipe the juror from the shore.
  • Juror 3 is located several floors up on the side of the Eclipse Medical Tower. The player must use a sniper rifle or some other long range weapon.
  • Juror 4 can be killed in a wide variety of ways, including a drive-by or via simply running over the juror with a car.


  • This mission is similar to Autocide in GTA Vice City, where the player receives the mission per phone and needs to eliminate multiple targets. The targets of both missions are also similar:
    • One is in a boat in the middle of the sea.
    • One is in a cleaning platform.
    • One is escaping in a bike.
  • Franklin receiving this assassination mission and the next ones through a pay phone is a reference to the assassination missions in GTA Vice City and GTA IV, in with the player received the missions in the same way.

Stock Tip

Before starting this mission, the player may want to invest in Debonaire Cigarettes on the LCN stock exchange with all characters. After the mission starts, the player can still invest with Franklin but will not be able to do so with Michael or Trevor until after the mission is complete. The player will still be able to invest after completing the mission but the stock will have already started to rise, limiting the amount of profit Michael and Trevor can earn. Wait until the stock has hit its highest point before selling.

Video walkthrough

GTA 5 - Mission 34 - The Multi Target Assassination 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough06:27

GTA 5 - Mission 34 - The Multi Target Assassination 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough

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