The Nut House Logo.

"Check out My Nuts"

The Nut House is a company that sells nuts in Grand Theft Auto IV in positions throughout Liberty City. The company is based on the nut company Nuts 4 Nuts, which it has stands throughout New York City. The name, logo, and menu are referring to how they treat people in asylums and because of Rockstar's humor it also refers to a penis. The company sells in the most noticed places in Liberty City like Willis, East Holland, Middle Park, and Happiness Island are a few examples. Bags of nuts can be found on News Stands around Liberty City, along with P’s & Q’s and Phat Chips. Bags of nuts do not appear in Grand Theft Auto V or Grand Theft Auto Online.


Everything is sold for $1

  • Big Nuts
  • Candied Nuts
  • Feed ME
  • Honey Roasted
  • Ice cold water
  • Loony bin
  • Nut-Tastic
  • Nutty but Nice
  • Small Nuts
  • Totally Nuts
  • You will Nut Escape.