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This article or section refers to content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is not featured on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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The Open Road is a network server featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Bikers update.


The Open Road is depicted as an ilicit network server, the clubhouse's president is able to search and operate ilicit businesses, ranging from Weed farms to counterfeit cash factories.

The network server is presumably operated by Lester Crest who uses the pseudonym of "Long John Teabag", who greets the player and explains the available businesses and the conditions to operate on them.

In order to get access, the player must first purchase any of the available clubhouses and once done, there should be a small table with a laptop, which has the Open Road logo on it.


First step

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Players are able to buy any of the available business. The only condition is that they can only buy one business of each type, which means player cannot purchase two businesses of the same type. There is an option to sort the list of businesses to either all of them or by the type of business the player wants to start.

Facility Location Image Description Price
Document Forgery Office Grapeseed Dead-end lot in a dead-end corner of SA, perfect setup for doc work. Surrounded by meth labs and rug-n-tug joints, so the cops won’t give a shit about you. $650,000
Weed Farm San Chianski Mountain Range If the locals don’t skin you, this shack will sit nicely under the radar for years to come. Room for a decent crop, and already hot and wet as hell, so you’ll save big on the humidifier bill. $715,000
Document Forgery Office Paleto Bay Cozy little workshop in the land that cops forgot. Perfect place to work on your copypaste in peace and quiet. Make it here, and the northern market is yours. $732,000
Weed Farm Mount Chiliad $805,200
Counterfeit Cash Factory Grand Senora Desert $845,000
Methamphetamine Lab Grand Senora Desert Big old shack that’s found its calling as a low-profile, high-ceiling lab. You’re a ways from the nearest pharmacy if you run out supplies, so stock up. $910,000
Counterfeit Cash Factory Paleto Bay Still registered as a utilities station. If you wanna print bills, then cover doesn’t get better than this. Thick walls, so no one will hear the driers or the shots. $951,600
Cocaine Lockup Alamo Sea Fort just over the hill, but screw it, this is prime real estate for an up and coming producer! Doesn’t look like much, but that’s a good thing, right? Lots of trade from passing grunts. $975,000
Document Forgery Office Elysian Island Old warehouse near the docks, with big potential for scratching out a buttload of IDs. Be a 1 stop shop for the illegals dashing out of every second shipping container. $975,000
Methamphetamine Lab Paleto Bay Know how much ice pays off a liberal arts degree? This places turnover should have you covered in just a couple years. Big quiet factory. Feds have forgotten it exists. $1,024,800
Weed Farm Elysian Island $1,072,500
Cocaine Lockup Paleto Bay $1,098,000
Document Forgery Office Textile City Tight little setup dug into the side of textile city, great central location, permanent scaffolding out front to keep things low key. $1,235,000
Document Forgery Office Textile City Tight little setup dug into the side of textile city, great central location, permanent scaffolding out front to keep things low key. $1,235,000
Counterfeit Cash Factory Cypress Flats $1,267,500
Weed Farm Downtown Vinewood Last grower got shot in the neck just inside the front door so selling this on at cost, tidy little outfit for the ambitious horticulturalist, ideal for a startup. $1,358,500
Methamphetamine Lab Terminal $1,365,000
Cocaine Lockup Elysian Island $1,462,500
Counterfeit Cash Factory Vespucci Canals Tidy beachside lockup for a boutique printer. All the hippies around here would think a crayon sketch of a dollar bill is legit, so what are you waiting for? $1,605,000
Methamphetamine Lab El Burro Heights Old derelict perfect for cooking shit, neighbors are half dead with the smog so no ones going to notice a little extra toxicity lol. $1,729,000
Cocaine Lockup Morningwood Nice little dive in the fancy part of town. Great start for a classy powder shop. Pissing distance from all your dealers and their clients. $1,852,500


Once the business is purchased, there is another laptop with the online server's logo on it, where the player have to startup the business. Once done, the player has to collect a vehicle marked on the map to get the supplies and start the business.


Once the supplies are in the business, the player is able to check these and ensure the productivity of the business. Like in warehouses, businesses are susceptible to being raided by enemies and that will result in obvious loss of supplies, affecting the incomes.


Upgrade Description
Equipment Upgrade Purchase this upgrade to install higher quality equipment. This will speed up your production rate, improve the overall value of your product and allow your supplies to stretch further.
Staff Upgrade Purchase this upgrade to hire more staff. This will speed up your production rate and improve the overall value of your product.
Security Upgrade Purchase this upgrade to install security personnel and surveillance equipment. This will reduce the likelihood of being raided by the cops or attacked by enemies.


  • The name of the network is a parody of the Darknet website Silk Road, an online black market.
    • In addition to this, its operator, Long John Teabag, who uses a pirate related alias and the Jolly Roger as his phone contact image, is a parody of the former Silk Road owner Ross William Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts.
    • The name could also be a reference to the anonymity network Tor (The Onion Router), since the acronym of The Open Road is "TOR".

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