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The Pilgrim's Pantry is a fictional restaurant advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories via radio. Its theme is based loosely on the pilgrim's arrival to America from Europe, and their relationship with the Native Americans that lived on the island. The restaurant also hosts dangerous activities for families, ranging from a Native American teaching them how to catch a wild turkey, the murder of said Native American, the "Witch Drown 'n' Burn", and stoning heathens who get answers wrong in Bible-themed trivia quizzes. The restaurant is open every day, except for Sunday, when they say "no one should be happy, and we should all hate ourselves". It's radio advertisments are on the radio station Radio Del Mundo and Double Clef FM.

A review of the restaurant can be found in the Liberty Tree instruction manual that comes with GTA Liberty City Stories.

Taglines heard in advertisement

  • (Trumpet blaring) THE PILGRIM'S PANTRY!
  • They fled Britain because it was too liberial, now they've come to the new world!
  • The Pilgrim's pantry, where good friends, good values, and hunger are history.


GTA LCS - The Pilgrim's Pantry00:52

GTA LCS - The Pilgrim's Pantry


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