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"But I'm pure ghetto, man."
— Manny Escuela.

The Puerto Rican Connection is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Manny Escuela.


In the cutscene, Manny is watching the video of himself and claims it doesn't make him look "street". He then asks Niko to kill some of his former friends who have been mocking him and his new film.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the Algonquin Bridge.
  • The target is on that train. Follow the train and take him out when he gets off.
  • The target got off the train.
  • Take out the targets.


Manny's former friends are on a subway train, so Niko drives to Broker and waits for the train to pass over the Algonquin Bridge, where he follows it to Schottler Station. Once at the station, make your way to the platform and eliminate the three targets. They are carrying pistols, so full health is recommended but not required, as a weapon such as a Micro-SMG will be sufficient.

If the player don't kill them when they get off the train, they will get into a car and the player must follow them until they arrive at the back of the Burger Shot Broker branch,. After this, Niko cuts his ties with Manny.


Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 32 - The Puerto Rican Connection (1080p)06:04

GTA 4 - Mission 32 - The Puerto Rican Connection (1080p)


  • Spanish Lords members (deceased) - Killed by Niko for disrespecting Manny.


Niko will call Manny, who will reply that "he will thank him in all his acceptance speeches".

Elizabeta will call, asking for help with Little Jacob.

An anonymous caller will text Niko and ask him to meet at the pier in Castle Gardens.

Although irrelevant, Brucie Kibbutz will text Niko to shop at Perseus for some "VIP clothes."

The random characters, Ilyena, Hossan, Sara and Pathos become available.


  • The mission is an obvious homage to the film The French Connection, in which Gene Hackman, playing a New York cop, chases a hitman on an elevated train in identical fashion. Similarly, there is a mission in GTA Online called The Los Santos Connection, likewise a reference to the film.
  • In the beginning cutscene, Manny says "I'm a Lord, not a Lady", referring to a show in another Rockstar game, Max Payne.
  • The train travels on the wrong side of the tracks, an error also found in the missions Three Leaf Clover and For the Man Who Has Everything.
  • On its way, the train passes Hove Beach station, but will not call there. In the aforementioned film, the conductor of the train doesn't stop at a station under the hitman's orders, so this may be a reference.
  • If the second part of "Out of the Closet" isn't completed, the "date" may start during the mission.
  • This mission might have some resemblance to the SA mission Wrong Side of the Tracks as the player has to follow the train and kill their targets. In SA, the player kill the Los Santos Vagos and in this mission, the player kill members of the Spanish Lords.


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