The Range (formerly known as Sunset Shores) is the name of The Lost MC hideout in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The Range is located in the heart of Stab City, Blaine County, San Andreas and is likely the headquarters of the Lost MC, as there are several trailers and recreational areas in the Range. In Mr. Philips, the Range is invaded by Trevor Philips, resulting in the deaths of many Lost members, including Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons. The Range is also featured in numerous GTA Online missions such as Daemon Run. The Range is destroyed by Trevor in Friends Reunited.


Its name may be borrowed from an outdoor nightclub of the same name located in the real life Slab City, upon which Stab City is based off of. Besides their name, they both possess many other similarities including a blue wooden sign bearing their name, another wooden sign strung between two telephone poles, a stage filled with speakers and surrounded by RVs, hubcaps hung up as decorations, wooden cable drums as tables, and a mismatched seating arrangement composed of decaying couches and chairs.


Mission Appearances


GTA Online


  • If the player visits the Range before the events of Mr. Philips, it will be abandoned.
  • The name is a play on the word "derange".