The Richman Hotel is a luxury hotel in Grand Theft Auto V bordered by West Eclipse Boulevard, Hardy Way, Picture Perfect Drive and Greenwich Place in Richman, Los Santos.


It features a back terrace with a large swimming pool and a number of tennis courts which can be played on. The size of the hotel makes it one of the largest in Los Santos but it is inaccessible to the protagonist and plays no direct role in the single-player storyline. It is based on the famous Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Events of GTA V

The only time the hotel plays a role in the single-player game is at the end of the optional side-mission "Parenting 101" when Michael De Santa has to drop off his son Jimmy at the hotel after rescuing him from being kidnapped. It is implied that this is where Michael's family was staying after getting out of the mansion, during the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?, and were also hiding after the events of "Meltdown".

The Vinewood Star Tours says that The Richman Hotel is where pervert movie producers have been promising to young girls that they will be movie stars for more then one hundred years. The tour guide also says that she did some shameful things in the bar lobby of the hotel when she was young.

In one of the Private Taxi Fare missions from the Downtown Cab Co, Franklin needs to pick three bankers that are waiting for him in front of the hotel.

Events of GTA Online

  • A Deathmatch takes place on the grounds of the hotel. It can feature up to 16 people in either single or team deathmatches.



  • Despite the size of the hotel, it features only a small car park and few cars spawn around the grounds.
  • Delivery trucks can be seen leaving through the back of the hotel.