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Aerial View of The Shopping Mall.

The Liberty City Shopping Mall, Staunton Island Shopping Mall ('Staunton Island Mall) or simply The Shopping Mall is a mall located in Staunton Island, on the edge of Belleville Park and Newport. It appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto Advance].

The Mall has many advertisement posters and billboards around it. Unlike the mall in GTA Vice City, the mall is not accessible to the player in any game. The eastern exterior wall of the building has news tickers, identical to those at Bedford Point and Francis International Airport. The ticker will read the in-game time, the GTA III website address, and even shows easter eggs referencing the game itself ("GTA III FOR SALE!" and "GTA III ON SALE NOW!").


The mall has posters and billboards around it, advertising the following stores, radio stations and musicals. Note that some of these ads are exclusive to GTA LCS or GTA III).



  • In GTA III, Mike Hunt on Head Radio mentions a live broadcast he did a week ago from "that food court at the Mall". He is presumably referring to this mall, as there are no other locations known to be malls in Liberty City.

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