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The Tail Bagging the Dogs

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The Tail Bagging the Dogs is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to protagonist Huang Lee by Personal Investigator Wade Heston in from the Bohan Industrial district of Bohan, Liberty City.


Mission Briefing

Even after you framed that Korean, he still got released. The Korean is going to have small meetings with all his underbosses to confirm that he is released. Wade wants you to follow him around and kill all his underbosses, then finish him.


After you have watched the cutscene enter the nearby car and head to the police station before the Korean leaves. Once there park the car in the marker and watch the Korean drive off. Follow him, but don't get too close! Soon he will stop his car on the side of the road and have a quick meeting with an underboss. Once he leaves drive up to the underboss and kill him however you wish, watch out for his two guards. The Korean will meet three more underbosses, you need to dispose of them all. Once he gets to the fourth underboss however, the underboss will get in his car and they will drive off knowing that they had been spotted. Now you will need to drive by them. If you need a new vehicle try to spin them out so you can jack another, watch out as the car shoots at you. Once they are dead the mission is complete.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get to the police station before the Korean gang member is released
  • Follow that Korean
  • Take out the Underboss before the Korean drives too far away
  • Catch up with that Korean again
  • Take out the Underboss before the Korean drives too far away
  • Get back after that Korean
  • Tako out the Underboss before the Korean drives too far away
  • Keep on that Korean's tail
  • They know they're being followed. Take them out


The mission is similar to Triads and Tribulations , in Grand Theft Auto: 3

Mission Replay description

"Heston wants to lure out the Korean gang bangers who stole Yu Jian.

I followed the Korean we set up, and took down the Underboss he led me to."

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