This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "The Time's Come" in Grand Theft Auto V.

The Time's Come
(Michael De Santa arrives at the meeting place)
Michael: Hey man!
Franklin: Hey! What's up?
Michael: You seem kinda agitated...
Franklin: Man, shit ain't good right now.
Michael: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
(Michael's phone rings)
Michael: Oh, shit, hold on.
(Michael answers the phone call)
Michael: Hey baby, what's up? Really? Tracey? College? Our Tracey? R-real college? You gotta be kidding me... That's great. Alright, listen, let me talk to you little later, alright? Yeah, I just gotta wrap up some business here. Alright. Bye.
(Michael hangs up)
Michael: Ahhh... Amanda. Say she wants me to bring you round the house sometime for dinner... one of these nights, huh? Fuck... I mean I don't know what I did to deserve this motherfucking luck. I got my kids back, my wife, and a job that I love. I mean, I made it. We made it. You and me, bro. (little pause) What...?
Franklin: I like you dog, and you know this. I risked everything for your ass, dog.
Michael: What is this?
Franklin: Look man, me and you know this shit ain't over dog. We both realists...
Michael: The fuck is this? Y...You? You came here to fucking clip me? You? Fuck!
(Franklin tries to shoot Michael, but he misses, and chases Michael who escapes through railway)
Franklin: The train tracks? Come on.
(The train appears on chase)
Franklin: You see that train, asshole? Shit, I ain't getting past there. Argh!
(Michael goes up the stairs)
Franklin: Shit! Michael! Hey man, where you going?
(Franklin chases Michael)
Franklin: Come on man, let's do this. Me and you. No use running, man. Come out. We'll finish this.
(After Franklin reaches next stairs)
Michael: FRANKLIN! You were like a son to me.
Franklin: We both used each other. That's what happened.
(Michael tries to shoot Franklin)
Franklin: Oh shit.
Michael: Ah, SHIT!
(Chase continues)
Franklin: Michael, man. I gotta look after myself.
Michael: There's the difference between us. I was looking out for you.
Franklin: Dude! That ain't true!
(Michael climbs the ladder)
Franklin: Why you going up there?
(Franklin reaches and climbs the ladder, evading Michael's shots)
Michael: Who put you up to this? Trevor? You're an idiot. We should take him out together. Right NOW! We'll roll on T. I brought you into my home, Franklin. You met my wife and my kids. You're gonna die here, you prick! Fuck you, Franklin! Fuck-you!
(Franklin climbed up the ladder and is ambushed by Michael)
Franklin: Oh shit...
Michael: Come on, you prick! I taught you everything you know.
Franklin: Not everything. I was here long before you, and I'll be here after yo' ass.
Michael: We'll see about that, you fuck. I'll take you out every time.
(Michael shoots at Franklin, but he misses)
Franklin: Yeah?
Michael: Fucking-a-right!
(Franklin ambushes Michael from behind and hits his face)
Franklin: I was your bitch!!! I could'a stare down the barrel of your gun any fucking day, you motherfucker.
Michael: You just keep telling yourself that! It ain't gonna make you feel any better!
Franklin: Past performance, homie! People don't fucking change!
Michael: YOU DID! YOU! Two-bit gangster gone three-bit. And now you're gonna... cap the only one who was ever decent to you! ARGHH!!! No, I trusted you, I took you in, treated you like family!
(Franklin pushes Michael and grabs his hand)
Franklin: Michael, let's just...
Michael: FUCK YOU!
Franklin: Eh, you told me when the time came. I know! I'm sorry!
Michael: You hypocrite! I shoulda clipped you when you broke into my house!
Franklin: Man, I'm sorry. It's like you said, I understand...
Michael: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND NOTHING!!! I'm all you got! You made the wrong call! ARGHHHHH!!! I'll bring you down with me! I'm taking you DOWN!!! You're coming in the ground with me! FRANKLIN! YOU GREEDY PRICK!!!
(If Franklin drops Michael)
(If Franklin tries to save Michael, he will headbutt Franklin)
Franklin: OW!
Franklin: Oh! Fuck! (cries) Fuck... (cries) Fuck...
(Franklin phones Lamar)
Lamar's Voicemail: What up, what up? This is your boy LD, leave one.
Franklin: Hey Lamar! It's me homie. Look, I was just calling to see how you was doing, dog, uh, maybe we could hangout or something? Man, I know I've been caught up in shit, man, but shit's been real crazy, homie. But it's dealt with now. Fuck, man, you know how it is, homie, you just start running, and shit, then all of a sudden your legs give and you just can't run no more. Anyway, man, man just hit me, dog. We brothers homie, alright? Peace.
(The credits begin rolling)