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The Truth is Out There was a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which was deleted before the game's release. The mission would probably have taken place after the mission Green Goo, but it was definitely a Verdant Meadows asset mission. It was a mission for The Truth in which you had to go to Bayside Marina and rescue him from government agents who were chasing him for wandering around Area 69. It is believed that you would have been able to obtain the FBI Truck in this mission.



(Carl's phone rings, and he answers it.)

Carl Johnson: Yo.

The Truth: CJ. I've nosed too deep this time!

Carl Johnson: I've told you about that stuff, Truthman! Lay off the 'caine, dude!

The Truth: No. I didn't mean that! The grey government want me out of the way!

Carl Johnson: Yo, speak up.

The Truth: I'm in Bayside, Whole town is crawling with dudes in black suits. I need your help, CJ! I've done some mushrooms, but it hasn't calmed me down at all. CJ! They're after me!

Carl Johnson: Yo, calm down, I'm on my way.

In-Game Dialogue

Unknown: Yo, we gotta rescue The Truth. Get back in!

Unknown: There's been a change of plan.

Unknown: Get back in!

Mission Text

  • Federal agents are chasing The Truth for wandering around Area 69!
  • Escort The Truth taking out anyone trying to kill him.
  • Escort The Truth's car to safety.
  • The Truth died!
  • The Truth's car was destroyed how is he gonna get away now?


The reward for this mission is an asset, which generates a maximum of $10,000. In addition, player will have a 5 star wanted level.


  • The name of this mission is a reference to the slogan of the famous sci-fi series The X-Files: "The Truth is Out There".
  • A popular mod by DeeZire allows you to play this mission, as well as the deleted Impounded and the original Doberman mission. The restored mission makes use of dialogue files that were in the game but were unused.
  • The FBI Truck was a featured vehicle during this mission. Since the mission was omitted from the final version of the game, the only methods of obtaining the FBI Truck is with a trainer. 
  • It's believed that this mission was deleted before the game's release because The Truth doesn´t know how to shoot, and that's one reason to believe the mission is very hard.
  • This mission was possibly meant to utilize the Bayside Marina as well as the Bayside Tunnel, considering no other mission uses it.

Video Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Beta Mission 5 - The Truth Is Out There11:46

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Beta Mission 5 - The Truth Is Out There

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